Blackberry Cottage, Living Room Entry

Blackberry Cottage, Living Room Entry

NOTE:  This Home was foreclosed upon due to the mortgage holder not paying the mortgage as promised. The bank now owns the property.  You may contact Nationstar at 888-480-2432 and speak with the REO department to try to work out a deal if you are interested.  Much work, love and prayers have gone into this property and I’d love to see it occupied again.  When I knew that I was going to lose the deed and right to the property, due to the failure to pay, I paid for the home winterized so that pipes didn’t freeze. New owners may contact the plumber, who was told to leave his contact info in the water closet if they have any questions or need help restarting the system, including the radiant floor heat system.  Please note that winters do get cold in that area, and proper care must be taken to ensure the pipes do not freeze.    

Blackberry Cottage is a small, white, metal sided cottage, with a green metal roof, on the flanks Ripshin,  a  4000 ft mtn in NE TN, just outside of Roan Mountain,  and within easy driving of Watauga Lake, Elizabethton, Johnson City, Bristol and the Motor Speedway, as well as Banner Elk skiing, Boone, Grandfather Mountain and the Blue Ridge Parkway.  It is surrounded by trees full of songbirds, delicate wildflowers, several springs turned streams, and blackberry brambles. Wildlife is plentiful in these woods – small mammals such as possum, skunk, raccoon and squirrel are regular visitors and more than one fawn has followed his momma across the front lawn. Bear, Boar and Mountain lion are infrequently sighted on the mountain slopes.

The “Prepper’s subdivision”  Blackberry Cottage is located in includes 7 well kept homes each with at least 5 acres, as well as several other 5 acre lots.  The Subdivision was once owned by one family, preparing for Y2K and most of the homes reflect an off grid compatible approach, though none are fully off grid.  Blackberry Cottage has it’s own spring water, is plumbed for hot water radiant using a gas hot water heater, and is very well insulated, with a small plot used for gardening, and several streams, which combined could be enough for a small aquaponics production.

The community surrounding Blackberry Cottage is very rural with small mountain cabins, farm houses and custom built homes tucked into the  bits of “valley” with vast areas of the mountain untouched. Many of the neighbors are life-time residents but there are also a few of us who came to call it home at some point in our adulthood. The peak of Ripshin Mountain itself is National Forest Property, and directly across the two lane paved road (Tiger Creek Road) are several thousand acres of National Forest, thru which the AT snakes its way across the top of the ridges.  This portion of National Forest is accessible by a short 1/4 mile walk from the cottage or by off road vehicle not far from Blackberry Circle.  Ripshin Peak is accessible by way of a short drive and a mile walk, and boasts an incredible view of Unaka Mountain to the south, Johnson City to the West and  up towards the VA line in the north. Sunsets from the peak are incredible and worth the hike down in the dusk! Tiger Creek/Roaring Creek Road encircles Ripshin in about 10 miles, and boasts 4 churches, 2 retreat centers, a lovely field often full of deer, many rushing creek views, a private lake and is a favorite drive in the fall for many residents of the area.

The area is known as a temperate rain forest, and the “greening” which the spring rains bring is a most glorious and restful sight from inside the snug cottage.  Summers are mild, with only a few weeks actually requiring an A/C as the attic fan does a wonderful job of pulling cool night air into the house.    Fall is a burst of color, my favorite being the yellow river birch viewed from the kitchen window while applesauce bubbles on the stove.  Winters can be mild, but are more often snowy affairs, with accumulation usually around 6 inches, but we’ve seen 12 and 16 inches!  Planning to stay home a day or two to enjoy the snow is our favorite, but we’ve traveled the snowy roads in all wheel drive, four wheel drive, and two wheel drive with snow tires with no problems.  The lovely thing about Tennessee Mountain snows is that the snow doesn’t usually last long, and so, within a day or so, roads are melted clear and within the week, only pockets of snow remains in the shadows.  If you are looking for 4 defined seasons including snow, and a remote location, this is the place for you!!

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Blackberry Cottage in the Winter